Missing man in Lommedalen found in good health

Search and Rescue dog training. LommedalenIllustration.Search and Rescue dog training. Photo by Flickr

Missing man in Lommedalen found in good condition

The 64 years old man who has been missing in the woods in Lommedalen in Bærum municipality, is found in good condition, police says.


– The person is found unharmed and in good condition, says the Oslo police Sunday afternoon. They have not provided a reason why he did not return back home.

The man went out for a walk around noon on Saturday and was reported missing by the family just after 6 pm. He originally went out together with another person, but this man came home the same evening.

Both crews from the police, the Red Cross, Norwegian People’s Aid and Norwegian Rescue Dogs were put into the search Saturday night. Norwegian Rescue Dogs came out with eight equipages. Due to fog, it was not possible to use the police helicopter in the search.

The police organized the searches both inside Lommedalen in Bærum and in the nearby forest area of Krokskogen in the large forested area known as Oslomarka.

Tracking dogs (wikipedia)

A Tracking dog is a dog that is trained to find humans and animals in the countryside. There may be people who have gone astray, been injured and not come home on time, or people who are hiding for various reasons.

Regular tracking dogs are educated By Norwegian rescue dogs (Norges redningshunder), but also police patrol dogs and the military military patrol dogs have training and education in such searches. Tracking dogs are thus both working- and service dogs, and often also family pets.

An approved search dog must be validated every other year in order to maintain its approval. Dogs and drivers (Equipages) that are approved are listed on the Norwegian Rescue Dogs list and may be called up for service by the police.


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