Missing Norwegian student found dead in France

Ommund Veim EikjeOmmund Veim Eikje.Photo: Privat / NTB scanpix

The family of the missing student, twenty two year old Ommund Veim Eikje from Tysvær, have reported he has been found dead in Avignon, in southern France. Everything indicates that he died in an accident.


Eikje was discovered below some large cliffs at the old historic fortifications of the city.

‘This was a popular place for tourists to take pictures. Ommund must have fallen down the cliffside. He was found by some workers in the area. We have no reason to believe that it was anything other than an accident,’ said Ove Eikje, Ommund’s uncle, acting as spokesman for the family.

Exchange Student

Ommund Veim Eikje went to France on August 28 to study French literature as an exchange student from the University of Bergen.

‘The last sign of life he sent to the family was a ‘snap-shot’, probably on August the 31st, of the new apartment he had rented. Since that time, family and friends hadn’t heard anything from him’, said Ove Eikje.

The 22 year old was reported missing on September the 17th. On Sunday, his father went to France to look for his son, and the family tried to find the apartment that Eikje had rented. On Thursday, the French police confirmed that it had been found without supplying new evidence.

Local police also stated that he had been seen by neighbours in the area where he lived during the time after moving into the apartment.

‘The family thanks you for all the support lately. They want to thank you for all the care, consideration, prayer, and warmth throughout a very difficult time in recent weeks,’ said Eikje.

He stated that the whole family are grateful for some fantastic weeks they shared together this summer, before Ommund travelled to France.


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