Mobile charger is being recalled for fear it can lead to dangerous fires

Mobile chargerMobile charger....

After two customers reported that the charger they purchased had overheated, the importer now calls back all chargers of this type.

“Charge the entire family’s phones and smart pads in one place!” It says about the multi-charger with four charging ports and a wireless charger.

“Unfortunately, it has been found to have weaknesses that can lead to dangerous fires,” says Terje Lauritzsen, owner of the importer Rob. Arnesen AS, to NTB.

He estimates that the so-called family charger has been on sale for about three to four months.

– “After we got back two chargers that have overheated, we notified DSB on Friday. Coop took action already Friday by putting out posters and removing the items from the shelves,” says Lauritzsen.

Most of the family chargers – an estimated 1,500 – have been sold at Coop. A smaller number should also have been sold at some gas stations. All dealers are notified, NTB is informed.

– “Many more have been imported, but most of them are fortunately in our warehouse, Coops warehouse or in stock at our dealers, all of whom have been notified,” says Lauritzsen.

Now he asks anyone who has purchased the charger, which has item number 686490 and EAN number 4895154349121, to stop using it.

– “Our customers should return the chargers to the store where they purchased them. Then, of course, they get their money back, while at the same time these are electronics that should not be thrown in the usual garbage bin,” says Terje Lauritzsen, who was on his way to Hong Kong on Sunday to meet the manufacturer.

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