Mobile data usage to new heights

Mobile phoneMobile phone.Photo Norway Today Media

Data usage in the Norwegian mobile network continues to surge. Last year the increase was 61 percent, according to new figures from the Norwegian Communications Authority (NKOM).

The total data traffic from mobile subscribers and subscribers with mobile broadband last year was 103 petabytes, or 103 billion gigabytes. That is an increase of 39 petabytes compared to the previous year. This is three times more compared to the increase from 2014 to 2015, according to Nkoms report on the market for electronic communications in 2015.

Mostly private
Nearly two-thirds of the increase in data traffic comes from ordinary mobile subscriptions, and Norwegian mobile users surf online most with private subscriptions. On average, data traffic per month was 7.5 gigabytes for private customers, and 3.1 gigabytes per month for business customers.
The report from the former Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority shows that the turnover in the Norwegian market for electronic communications, passed 34 billion last year. This is an increase of 800 million compared to the previous year.

Less prepaid cards
The number of mobile subscribers fell slightly last year. It is primarily due to the use of prepaid cards, declining. Nevertheless, there were 5.7 million mobile subscriptions in Norway last year, divided on a population of 5.2 million.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today