Mohyeldeen Mohammad: I hate Norway and want to travel

Mohyeldeen MohammadOld winter picture. Mohyeldeen Mohammad leaving Larvik police station.Photo: Trond Reidar Teigen / Scanpix .

The well-known Islamist Mohyeldeen Mohammad (30) from Larvik said in an interview with the newspaper Morgenbladet that he hates Norway and wishes to leave the country and never return.

– Abid Raja said on NRK news that I love being in Norway.
It is not true. I hate Norway, says Mohammad in the interview with the newspaper.

– I want to emigrate immediately. They say I’m a threat. Let me go! I have repeatedly tried, but officials stop me, I will be arrested on orders from Norway, and sent back.
If you let me go, I’ll gladly go and throw the citizenship in the garbage.
He says he wants to make a deal with the authorities on this.

Can not be Norwegian and Muslim

In August, he tried to go to Turkey, but says he was sent home because Norwegian authorities had asked them to send him back.

– When it comes to living in peace and practicing one’s religion, one cannot live in Norway. There are so many obstacles.

Norway is a democratic country, one is not adhering to the rules of Allah. Islam is not just limited to our privacy, it concerns all, social structure, what to wear, who you have loyalty to, who you have as an enemy.
– Being Norwegian and Muslim is not consistent, he said.

– Is free to leave Norway

Communications Director Trond Hugubakken in PST will not comment on Mohammad’s case specifically, but says to Morgenbladet that if people want to leave Norway, they are basically free to do so.

Mohammad came to Norway at age three. He is considered one of the most influential in the radical Norwegian Islamist environment, and made himself first noted in public when he in 2010 warned against “a Sept. 11 on Norwegian soil” during an appeal against caricatures of the central figure in Islam, on University Square in Oslo.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today