More comply with speed limits – 182,000 speeding fines issued in 2019

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More people in general comply with the speed limits compared to previous years. However, this is because the police have more controls and the number of fines increased from 2018 to 2019.

Of the 200,000 fines in 2019, 182,373 were for speeding, reporte Bergens Tidende. That is 12,000 more than in 2018 and an increase of 7 percent.

“We have caught a few more to drive too fast, but in general, more are complying with speeds limits. We have had more effective police checks in 2019,” explained Deputy UP Chief Roar Skjelbred Larsen.

Another major item is “behaviour” traffic violations , where 30,676 people were fined and two of them were estimated to have two-thirds fined for using a mobile phone while driving.

“People are inattentive either because of talking on the phone or typing on their mobile,” said Larsen.

Other offences under this category include negligence, breach of duty, driving in violation of traffic signs and illegal passing.

In 2019, a further 9,743 fines for intoxication were also imposed.

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