More inhabitants on Svalbard

Longyearbyen.Svalbard.Photo : Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix

The population of Svalbard increased by 8 per cent in 2019. This is the largest population growth in the last ten years. Now almost 2,500 people live on the archipelago.

The populations of Longyearbyen and Ny-Ålesund increased by 170 people during 2019 to 2,428, according to new figures from Statistics Norway (SSB).

The increase is mainly due to increased net migration. Compared to the previous year, 62 more people moved to Svalbard, and at the same time 58 fewer moved from Svalbard.

Those who have moved to Svalbard have largely been from abroad, but in 2019 most of them came from southern Norway. 97 people came from southern Norway, 54 from abroad and only 4 from northern Norway.

About one in three on Svalbard has foreign nationality. The population over the last nine years has increased by 411 people, of which 409 are foreigners.

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