More people are living with cancer that has metastatized

Lise Ryel, Secretary General Cancer SocietyOslo.Anne Lise Ryel, Secretary General Cancer Society opens fund-raising today. Krafttak mot kreft. . Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

More people than ever before are living with cancer that has metastatized, but still the chances of survival are low for patients where the disease has spread to other parts of the body when they are diagnosed

In 2004 there were  around 2,600 people in this country who had survived five years or more with a cancer that at the time of diagnosis had spread to other organs. Ten years later the number was 4,100, according to figures from the Cancer Registry.

Several good year
Living with terminal cancer is the topic of this year’s fundraising campaign to combat cancer, which opens on Thursday. Revenues from the operation are to be invested in research and offers that will provide more good years for those who have to live with cancer the rest of their lives.
There have been improvements in recent years for patients who have metastases when they are diagnosed. These include cancers such as melanoma, prostate, breast and colon cancer, according to Cancer Registry.
One cancer stands out, namely testicular cancer.  90 percent of patients diagnosed with that type of cancer, where the cancer had metastatized by the time they  were diagnosed, were still alive after five years.