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London’s mayor promises more police on the streets

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London’s mayor promises more police on the streets

We must not let ourselves be subdued by terrorists, says the call from the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, who promises more police on the streets in the time to come.

– Nothing justifies such an attack. Seven people are killed and over 40 are injured, several of them critical, Khan says.

– One of the things we can do, is to show that we do not let ourselves be subdued. We can do that by voting in parliamentary elections on Thursday, and emphasizing the importance of our democracy, civil- and human rights, says the mayor of London.

Prime Minister Theresa May and the Conservative Party have so far canceled the election campaign, something Khane’s Labor Party in the morning hours Sunday had not yet followed.

May and the Conservatives have dropped on the polls in recent weeks, and Khan emphasizes that the elections must be held as planned.

– I’m not for postponing the election. I am for of democracy and to ensure we are voting. We know that elections are one of the things terrorists hate, they hate democracy, says Khan.

He promises more police on the streets in the time to come.

“Terrorists are constantly developing new ways to attack us. Similarly, we need to find new ways to ensure citizens’ safety. Therefore, you will also see more police in the streets, he says.

The Conservatives suspends the election campaign

Prime Minister Theresa May and the Conservative Party in Britain suspend the election campaign as a result of the recent terrorist attack in London.

Seven people were killed and nearly 50 injured were sent to hospital after the terrorist attack at the London Bridge and Borough Market on Saturday night.

– The Conservative Party will not conduct election campaign today. We will assess the situation throughout the day as more details of the attack are reported, says a spokesman for the party.

The British parliamentary elections are June 8, and polls show that May and the Conservatives have lost much support in recent weeks.

Seven killed in terrorist attack in London

Four days before the election, the British are shaken again by a terrorist attack. Three attackers managed to kill seven people and wound around 50, before they themselves were killed by police.

Just after 10 pm on Saturday, the police in London reported that a white van had plowed down pedestrians on the London Bridge, and then proceeded to popular Borough Market close by. Three men jumped out of the vehicle and began to stab bystanders.

Large police forces quickly came to the place and shot and killed the three attackers. This happened within 8 minutes of the alarm

– At the present time, we believe that seven people have died in addition to the three attackers shot and killed by the police, says Mark Rowley, who is the head of the British anti-terrorist police.


In the chaos that ensued in the center of London, the police prioritized getting people to safety. A number of ambulances were sent to the site and 48 people were transported to five different hospitals during the next few hours, including a seriously injured police officer.

Several injured people also received first aid at a nearby hotel, where a provisional damages reception was established.

The police have established that is a terrorist attack, but no group has yet claimed responsibility. The identity of the three attackers is also unknown.

– The suspects wore what resembled explosive vests, but they later turned out to be fake, says Rowley.

Crisis Meeting

Prime Minister Theresa May was promptly notified and called for urgent meeting in the government’s crisis committee COBRA.
The police encourage people to stay away from the London Bridge and Borough Market areas, so that emergency services and investigators get their jobs done.

– The investigation is led by the British anti-terror police and we ask anyone who has relevant pictures or video from the events to upload it to our website, says Rowley.

Police also decided to sharpen preparedness across the UK towards the election on 8 June and ask people to be vigilant and report if they see anything suspicious.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UD) in Norway has not received any reports that Norwegian nationals were directly involved in the events in London Saturday night, but the embassy in London follows the situation closely.

– Norwegian citizens living in London are encouraged to follow the advice and instructions given by British authorities, says Kristin Enstad in the UD to NTB.

Shortly after the terrorist attacks, support declarations began to come in from all parts of the world.

Trump tweets

“My thoughts are with all those who are affected by brutal # LondonBridge attacks. We stand with the people of London, wrote NATO’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on Twitter.

US President Donald Trump was also quick to repeat his claim for a ban on entry for residents of six Muslim countries, which has been suspended by the courts in the United States.

US President Donald Trump was also quick to repeat his claim for a ban on entry for residents of six Muslim countries, which has been suspended by the courts in the United States.

Only an hour later, he commented directly on the terrorist attack in London.

– Whatever the United States can do to assist in London and the UK, we will be there. WE ARE WITH YOU. God bless you! He tweets.


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