More than 70% of long-distance transport drivers encounter closed toilets on the road

ToiletsToilets.Photo: Paul Kleiven / NTB

Many people who work in long-distance transport lack access to toilets. Closure due to the spread of infection has made conditions even more difficult.

This applies to bus drivers, truck drivers, warehouse employees, and other transport workers.

Among members of the Yrkestrafikkforbundet union, 20% answered that they struggle to find a place with a toilet during working hours.

Among long-distance transport drivers, 71% experience closed toilets along the road.

“This is a recurring theme in many parts of the transport industry. We constantly receive messages about bus drivers who have to take breaks at end stops without a toilet, or who have to make do with portable toilets without toilet paper and adequate cleaning,” union leader Jim Klungnes noted.

Lack of toilets

In addition to closing the toilets at the stops along the roads rather than increasing cleaning, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration also chooses to close toilets in winter in large parts of the country, the union believes.

Secretary-General Mads Johansson of the National Association against Digestive Diseases (LMF) says that the lack of toilets is a problem for many Norwegians.

Today, there are 40,000 people who struggle with various intestinal diseases.

One in five of those who are members of the association stays at home because of their toilets.

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