Mother and three children found slain in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, DenmarkDenmark.Mother and three children found slain in Copenhagen.Photo: Mathias Øgendal / Scanpix Danmark / NTB scanpix

A woman and her three children were found dead in an apartment in Copenhagen on Tuesday. Police confirmed that the children’s father is arrested and charged in the case.

On Twitter the police refer to it as a family tragedy. The four victims have not yet been officially identified, but police confirm that it’s most likely a woman and her three children.

The father of the children has been arrested and will be remanded Tuesday night. He is charged with murder, according to Danish police.

Notification of domestic violence

The four dead were found in an apartment in the Copenhagen district of Brønshøj on Tuesday morning.

– We received notification of domestic violence in Brønshøj. We sent a patrol to the site, and they were greeted by a horrendous sight and found several killed people in an apartment, says chief investigator Ove Bundgård Larsen of the Copenhagen police.

He also said there was a lot of blood and signs of struggle in the apartment.

More weapons

Police confirmed that the perpetrator used several different weapons, but will not say anything more about what kind of implements or how the four were killed.

– The weapons will first be compared with results from the autopsy, which can provide the answers, Larsen states.

Tuesday police techs were working all day, both on recovery in and around the apartment, as well as in the surrounding area. The apartment block was cordoned off.

– In such situations, we first try to get an overview, says Larsen.

Brønshøj is a district north of Copenhagen. It consists primarily of residential areas, but also contains Denmark’s oldest residential high rises.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today