Motorists turned around due to queue

Motorists turned around due to queueLillesand.Motorists turned around due to queue. .Photo: Jørund Flaa / Agderposten / NTB scanpix

Several motorists were so impatient when with a queue on E18 at Lillesand, they turned and drove in the opposite direction on the highway. Police were furious.

“Some people just shouldn’t be licensed!” said Per Kristian Klausen Agder from the police to Agderposten.
Several motorists were not happy with a tunnel being closed due to road side assistance and eastbound traffic being directed over a bypass.
There was a queue at E16, and several motorists, at least six cars, chose to turn and drive in the opposite direction, just minutes before the road was reopened. Chances of encountering oncoming traffic at high speed in the 100 zone would have been large. The E18 is separated by central reservations on the route.
Police said to the Agderposten that if motorists had been stopped by the police, they would have lost their driver’s license on the spot.
“Firstly, it is illegal. Secondly, one needs to be stupid to do such a thing,” said Klausen.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today