MP lost driver’s license after trip to Ikea

Ikea, Skutle Bil BergenLoaded Car. Photo: (Not related to the incident)

Member of Parliament lost drivers license after trip to Ikea

Member of Parliament, Erik Skutle (H), was deprived of his driver’s license on the spot after loading purchases from Ikea on the roof of his Volkswagen Golf.


A passenger held part of the load with his hands, according to the police.

Erik Skutle, Deputy MP

Erik Skutle, Deputy MP. Photo:  Stortinget

– It is by no means safe. We stopped the car in Sandviken and took the driver’s license away from him, says Lars Geitle to Bergens Tidende. Geitle is Operations Manager at the Bergen police..

The police has filed a case, and because of the poorly secured Ikea cargo, the politician is not allowed to drive a car anymore.

– If the car must brake and the cargo flies forward, it can cause major damage. Obviously it’s not secured well enough when someone sits and holds onto it, says Geitle.

Different version

Erik Skutle has a different version of the incident than the police.

– We were stopped by a police patrol who thought our cargo was a little badly secured. Its okay and we got out of the car to secure the cargo again before we drove on.

He denies that the passenger held the load with his hands on the roof.

– The load was secured with two straps. The passenger took his hand out of the window after we had driven for a while to check that nothing had shifted, says Skutle.

The 27-years-old from Bergen has been a permanent substitute representative for the Conservatives in Hordaland since 2013. The incredible pictures can be found here


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