Good berry harvest, except for mulberries?

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Good berry harvest in Norway, except for mulberries?

This year’s varied summer weather in Norway, with alternating sun and rain, may provide good berry seasons. Last year’s drought may possibly have provided the mulberries with bad growth conditions, though.

After the snow disappears from the ground, it does not take long before the blooming of mulberries (cloudberries) begins. The mulberries will then mature before «the gold of the heath» becomes available to berry pickers all over Norway.

Last year’s high temperatures, with long-term drought, may possibly affect the orange treasure hunt adversely, this season.

“The fact that it was dry last year may be of importance. A cloudberry plant is perennial, which means that the basis for what this year’s season will bring, was laid last year. What I can imagine, based solely on prior knowledge, is that if it has been dry, it may affect the number of shoots the following year. That may lead to less growth,” Inger Martinussen of the Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO) states.

Snow may provide a bad start

“Norway is very elongated, with several local differences. That fact has an impact on the various berry seasons,” Martinussen emphasises.

It snowed in some mountain areas in southern Norway at the beginning of July. That may have been unfortunate for the local berry development.

“If it has been snow present in the mountain areas in southern Norway while the mulberries were blooming, then it is unfortunate. This, because they have to be pollinated. For that to happen, there must be insects present. It may well provide a bad start when it is cold during flowering. Cold weather, on the other hand, is of little importance,” Martinussen explains.

The weather affects

Martinussen still believes that this year’s varied summer weather can provide good berry development.

“The way the development has been now, where there have been decent temperatures and occasional rain, there will be good conditions for the development of berries. It ought to be a little rain, and not too dry, while the berries develop. If that is the case, it usually takes a month and a half from flowering to maturation,” she continues.

This year’s summer weather has had an impact on various berry seasons already. Last year, the strawberry season approached the end already in mid-July. This is certainly not the case this year.

“We have a very nice season where the berries have been allowed to develop slowly. The strawberries are already well matured, and it looks like we’ll reach a strawberry peak next week. A little sun in the next few days will lead to maturation all over Norway,” Communications Manager of the Information Office for Fruit and Vegetables, Gerd Byermoen informs.


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Many excellent berries

Some raspberries have also announced their arrival, but according to Byermoen, the peak has not yet been reached. Byermoen encourages people to feast on the delicacies.

“This year there will be a lot of good berries available throughout much of the summer, I, therefore, urge everyone to revel in berries, suitable for all meals,” Byermoen encourages.

Mulberries with coffee ice cream

An exciting and perhaps slightly different tart for dessert. Mulberries and coffee blend perfectly, though. Tasting is believing!

Four servings (recipe:

½ dl



Crush 4 coffee beans in a mortar or grinder. Blend with the ice cream. Put in a cold place. Roast the remaining coffee beans in a frying pan. Cool it down.

Place sugar in a non-stick saucepan and melt until brown. Add in the double cream and reduce to a thick sauce. Let it cool.

Add the mulberries and rosemary (optional) to the sauce. Distribute the mixture on the butter dough pieces. Cook the tarts in the oven at 225 oC for 8-10 minutes.

Garnish the tarts with coffee beans and mint leaves. Serve with the ice cream.

Chocolate or butter almond are alternative flavours to vanilla.

1 dl

double cream

3 dl


½ ts


4 pcs

butter dough

3 dl

vanilla ice

8 pcs

coffee beans

8 pcs

mint leaves

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