Mulla Krekar transferred to prison in Sardinia

.Mullah Krekar, or Najmuddin Faraj AhmadOSLO.Mullah Krekar, or Najmuddin Faraj Ahmad. Photo: Cornelius Poppe / NTB scanpix

Mulla Krekar has been transferred from Rome to a high-security prison in Sardinia(Italy), where he must follow his appeal through video link.

It’s the notorious Badu ‘e Carros prison in the middle of the island of Sardinia, reports TV 2, which has received information from Krekar’s Italian lawyer.

Krekar is considered a high-security prisoner on par with Mafia convicts. According to Krekar’s Norwegian lawyer Brynjar Meling, the move was made 5-6 weeks ago.

This Friday, the appeal will start in the city of Bolzano in northern Italy. In the first trial, Krekar was sentenced to 12 years in prison for terrorist planning.

Krekar was delivered from Norway on March 26 this year.

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