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Municipality admits failure to protect three year old injured in Oslo kindergarten

kindergartenOslo, illustration kindergarten: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

A three year old girl remains in hospital over three weeks after a metal rod went through her eye at a kindergarten in Oslo. Nobody working in the kindergarten knows the cause of the accident.

The child has been receiving intensive treatment at Oslo University Hospital since she was life-threateningly injured in the kindergarten in Alna, Oslo, on November 21, according to NRK news.

The three-year old infant is out of danger, but has lost her sight in the right eye, and will probably have to live with the damage for the rest of her life. She suffered a 75 centimeter long, meteorological rainfall – gauge through her eyeball.

‘None of the staff at the nursery were supervising the infant at the time of the incident, or saw the injury occur’, said her mother, who attended a review of the incident.

‘They don’t know what happened. That’s why the police are investigating the case’, said the girl’s mother, Noor Asaad, to NRK news.

Currently, the kindergarten wouldn’t comment on the matter. Alna district responded on the kindergarten’s behalf, and admitted it did not implement control of the outdoor play area the day the accident occurred.

‘The routines specify we should supervise this area every day. We regret that it was not done. We want to learn from what’s happened, and review our routines, so that we prevent this from happening again’, said the regional director (bydelsdirektør), Tore Olsen Pran.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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