Murder indicted in Sandnes is detained

Sandnes Austrått castle strongholdAustråttborgen is a landmark in Sandnes. Photo: Wikimedia

Murder indicted in Sandnes is detained

A man charged with murder in Sandnes is detained for four weeks. The accused has explained that he posted about the murder online.


Monday’s prison meeting was held behind closed doors in Jæren District Court. The ruling is in line with the prosecution’s petition.

– My client agrees to imprisonment, he understands that it is necessary as the case stands, his defense lawyer, Vegard Bråstein, tells NRK. He informs that the man is strongly affected by what has happened, but that he is doing well considering the circumstances.

The man, who is in his twenties, has acknowledged the murder, but he has not taken a position on the question of criminal liability. It was he himself who on Sunday morning called and notified the police about the murder in the Sandnes district of Austrått.

Posted on the net

Police lawyer Fredrik Martin Soma indicates after the prison meeting that information has been released in the media that the accused has posted information about the murder in a web forum.

– This is information the accused has given to the police. We have also received tips on this, and that is something we are working on, Soma tells NTB on Monday afternoon.

– Information is allegedly posted about the murder both before and after the actual killing, but I do not want to go any further into what this consists of, the police lawyer continues.


The murdered man will be autopsied on Monday. Soma further explains that the victim is still not formally identified.

– We have an idea of who it is and we are working to contact the relatives. But as long as the work is still ongoing, we want to be cautious about what information we go out with. We, therefore, do not want to say anything about the crime scene, Soma elaborates.

The lack of positive identification and privacy concerns were some of the reasons why Soma asked for the prison meeting to be held behind closed doors.

Few details

The police lawyer is also reluctant to provide information about the motive for the murder.

– What we know about the cause, we have learned from the accused who explained himself yesterday, but we do not want to say anything more about what he has told. This is also information that we, of course, investigate more closely and also want to obtain from other sources,  Soma goes on.

He also does not want to say anything more about what kind of connection it is between the two men in the case but repeats that the police believe there is a relationship between them.

In addition to the autopsy and the continued work on identifying and alerting relatives, Soma states that the crime technical work on the scene continues on Monday.


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