The trial for the murder of Norwegian backpacker starts in Berlin

GermanyBerlin, Germany.Photo: Joacim Jørgensen / NTB scanpix

The murder of Norwegian Lene Sand (36) was referred to as the most grotesque in Berlin last year. Thursday, two Chileans will appear in court, one of them accused of murder, the other one for having hidden evidence.
Lena Sand Mandal was killed with seven stab wounds in an artist saloon, which was also an art gallery, in the district of Wedding on the night between 2 and 3 June 2015.

She was there along with a Chilean artist friend, the same man who is now charged with murder. His friend was also in the room, and police believe he witnessed the assault.

The investigation has revealed gruesome details of what happened next.
The accused ringleader, a 39 year old Chilean and his friend, reportedly kept the murdered woman in a side room in the gallery for several days, behind some beer crates and other clutter.

Throughout this period the gallery was open to the public, and the beer flowed from the taps. They had had the blood soaked painted in order to hide the murder,  Aftenposten reports.

Trolley suitcase

The two  evidently at some point decided to get rid of the corpse. According to the indictment they pushed it down into a wheeled suitcase, which was then placed in a larger suitcase. It was carried through the city on the subway,  for a distance of 12 kilometers and nine stations
Several witnesses noticed the men, who were carrying  a very heavy suitcase.

They attempted to sink it into the river Spree, but it did not sink, even with a concrete block attached to the handle. The suitcase was discovered by passersby a few days later.

The Chilean fled from Germany, but was detained in Mexico. He was extradited to Germany in March this year and has been in custody since,  Judge Lisa Jani at the Berlin criminal court confirms to the newspaper Aftenposten.

The trial will run for five weeks with the court in session for two days every week. The victim’s family will be present at the trial in Berlin and will be given the opportunity to ask the defendant questions.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today