Norwegian woman killed in Stockholm

murder Södermalm StockholmA person has been found dead in an apartment on Södermalm in Stockholm. A person who was in the apartment was arrested. The apartment has been cordoned off and the police have launched a preliminary investigation of murder/manslaughter. Photo: Karin Wesslén / TT NEWSBYRÅN / NTB scanpix

Norwegian woman found dead in Stockholm – a man in custody

A 49-year-old woman found dead in Stockholm on Wednesday was a Norwegian citizen. Police are investigating the case as a homicide. A man is in custody, suspected of the misdeed.

The woman was found dead in an apartment on Södermalm in downtown Stockholm on Wednesday. Police believe that she was killed with a knife.

“A man in his fifties was arrested in the apartment. He is suspected of murder. The man was taken into custody on Friday. He is to undergo a psychiatric evaluation,” Expressen writes


The man and the dead woman knew each other, according to police.  Expressen writes that they were cohabitants and that they had recently moved into the apartment.

Neighbours heard screams and noise from an apartment on Wednesday. A knife was thrown out a window, witnesses told the Swedish news agency TT. Neighbours notified the police around 1 pm but they were first onsite around 3.30 pm. the woman was then already dead.



Dereliction of duty

The Department for Special Investigations (corresponding to the Norwegian Special Unit for Police Affairs), has started investigations of dereliction of duty as a result of the incident, press spokesperson, Towe Hägg, informs.

The apartment is now cordoned off, and crime techs are searching it for evidence.

VG has been in contact with the arrested man’s defender, lawyer Patric Lindblom. Lindblom does, however, not want to comment on the matter at present.

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