Number of murders in Norway declines

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The number of murders in Norway declines

The killing of Sunniva Ødegård (13) is the 14th murder case in Norway so far this year. At the same time, Kripos’ (NCIS) statistics show that the number of murders is declining.


Last year, a total of 25 murder cases were recorded. It is the second lowest in any year for the last ten years, NRK writes.

– Killings are generally speaking on a downward spiral and that is very positive. As of August 1st of last year, we had 18 registered murder cases, says the leader of the Violent Crimes section of the Police, Vibeke Schei Syversen.

The murder statistics for 2018 have so far adhered to a great extent with previous statistics gathered over the last ten years: The perpetrators are usually men and know the victim beforehand.

Relatively few murder cases

In addition, the statistics show that more than 7 out of 10 of the killings from 2008 to 2017 were committed in the home of the victim, perpetrator or their shared accommodation.

On the downward trend, Schei Syversen points to contributing factors such as the weapons amnesty and that the hospitals do a better job at saving lives.

– We have worked more actively with prevention as well.

She emphasizes that there are few killings per capita in Norway compared with other countries. The death by murder ratio is 4 per 1 million inhabitants at present. There is one type of murder that stays stable, namely partner killings.

– Maybe this is where we have to employ even more preventive work and measures. The murder statistics provide us with the necessary knowledge to do just that.


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