Muslim Dialogue Network thinks SIAN’s Koran-burning should be ignored

Arshad JamilPhoto: Torstein Bøe / NTB

The Muslim Dialogue Network urges people to ignore SIAN’s Koran-burning should it take place on Friday.

“Our call to young people is always to ignore such hateful provocations, and let the hatred stand by itself,” Arshad Jamil, board member of the Muslim Dialogue Network, told NTB.

Leader of the organization “Stop the Islamization of Norway,” Lars Thorsen, told NTB on Wednesday that they have plans to burn the Koran on Friday. 

It is not known where this will happen since the police did not allow SIAN to carry out a protest outside Stovner police station in Oslo on Friday. Jamil is relieved by the police’s decision.

“We are relieved by the decision of the police. We trust that the police make their assessments carefully and always respect their decisions.”

Freedom of expression

Jamil says that burning the Koran has marginal support in the population, which he is happy about.

“Freedom of expression must always be protected. But when hatred is dressed in the suit of freedom of expression, it puts us all in a difficult dilemma,” Jamil said.

In the last week, there have been riots in Sweden in the wake of the actions of controversial Danish politician Rasmus Paludan who, among other things, set fire to Korans. Dozens of policemen and civilians were injured, and police cars and buildings were set on fire.

“Let it be clear, we are always against violence, for whatever reason, and (regardless of) who is behind it. But we take it very seriously that someone wants to burn the Koran to convey a message.”

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