Muslim leaders support the state’s stance

Mehtab Afsar Muslim Islamic CouncilGeneral Secretary Mehtab Afsar in Islamic Council Norway.Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

Muslim leaders support the state’s stance on support for the Islamic Council

Several mosques support stopping to receive state support for to the Islamic Council. The Council, which has previously received support to promote dialogue, will not comment on the matter at this time.


That is the second payment in 2017 of 650,000 kroner that is being held back, the Ministry of Culture announced in a press release Wednesday.

– The ministry is responsible for ensuring that state grants are managed in a relevant manner. This is about ensuring that operating subsidies on the Ministry of Culture’s budgets are used in line with the objectives decided by the Parliament “, says Minister of Culture Linda Hofstad Helleland.

The Ministry has, after a comprehensive assessment, come to the conclusion that there is doubt about the Islamic Council. Norway’s activities and role exercise are protected in a trustworthy manner.

– Islamic Council Norway (IRN) receives operating grants from the Ministry of Culture to be a bridge builder, umbrella organization and dialogue partner, the Ministry emphasizes.

General Secretary Mehtab Afsar in Islamic Council Norway did not comment on the matter on Wednesday.

“We will comment later,” Afsar told NTB.

Get support from mosques

Several Muslim leaders NRK have talked with, supports the Minister of Culture. Among them the spokesman of the Islamic Cultural Center, Zubair Ahmed, and Ghulan Sarwar, chairman of Norway’s largest mosque, Central Jamaat-e Ahl-e Sunnat.

 – State support should be used to strengthen dialogue and trust between Islam, various other religions and the Norwegian people. This has not happened, says Sarwar to the channel.

 Several mosques and Muslim organizations dissatisfied with Islamic Council Norway and Mehtab Afsar, formed a new Muslim community in early June. The purpose is to work with religious dialogue.


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