Mysterious “Hitler” become unrest in the dictator’s birthplace

HitlerHitler,Photo. (Torsten Silz/AP Images for AVAAZ)

He looks like Adolf Hitler. He dresses up as Adolf Hitler. He keeps popping up in Adolf Hitler’s hometown.

Many people become freaked out by hearing the message from the city Braunau am Inn in Austria.

Authorities in the city is now very interested in finding out who the mysterious “Hitler” is. When they do, it is likely that he will be charged with glorifying the former Nazi leader, according to the newspaper Oberoesterreichische Nachrichten.

The newspaper writes that there have been many reports in recent days from people who have met a man with side parting, small mustache, and Hitler’s distinctive uniform.

– It is an offense to cheer Adolf Hitler, says Alois Ebner at the local District Attorney office.

Hitler was born in the city on April 20th, 1889. The house where he was born in is in the center of a legal battle these days.

The authorities want to evict the current owner so the building can be demolished, to prevent it to become a rallying point for neo-Nazis. The owner objected to this.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today