Mysterious veil of smoke dangerously lowers air quality in Trondheim

TrondheimTrondheim.Photo. NTB scanpix

A mysterious veil of smoke has been reported in the air over large parts of Norway so far this weekend. It may be coming from Eastern Europe, meteorologists believe.

From Lillehammer to the south and up to Trøndelag in the north, many have been asking themselves what the mysterious smoke they see in the sky since Friday.

Meteorologists have different theories, but they agree that it may be coming from Eastern Europe.

The smoke is creating poor conditions in the air quality in several places this weekend.

In Trondheim, all measuring stations reported a high level of pollution in the air to ‘’.

According to Adresseavisen, that means a significant health risk, especially for asthmatics and people with other respiratory diseases.

Coming from Eastern Europe?

“We have so-called trajectory measurements where we can see where the air we have over us came from. We can check the previous weather patterns from the past days. What we see now is that the air is from Eastern Europe,” state meteorologist Martin Granerød told Gudbrandsdølen Dagningen.

He believes that the smoke could be airborne dust from agricultural areas in Eastern Europe, and that dust particles have been whirled up from the dry fields and carried by strong winds.

The smoke has also been seen in Trøndelag, and on-duty meteorologist Jon Austerheim at the Meteorological Institute thinks the smoke is related to the forest fires in Ukraine.

“It may be coming from an area with hazier air… It’s not entirely inconceivable that this is smoke from the forest fire in Ukraine, because it has been blowing from the southeast for a long time,” Austerheim told newspaper Adresseavisen.

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