NAF: Back the car into the parking space on Black Friday

ParkingParking.Photo: Pixabay

The Norwegian Automobile Federation (NAF) urges eager shoppers to back the car into the parking space to prevent collisions on “Bulk Day” Black Friday.

“Back in, it gives a much better overview when you go out again, and you avoid accidents,” says Nils Sødal, senior communications adviser at NAF.

Last year, 498 injuries were recorded on Black Friday related to accidents that typically occur in parking lots, including while reversing or crashing into parked vehicles.

Black Friday is set to launch this Friday, November 29th.

“It is understandable that many think practically that the luggage compartment should be more accessible, but if you back in, it is much more clear to drive carefully out front first when you return home,” says Sødal.

He also urges people to consider leaving some space at the back of the car so that one can easily get the bags into the trunk after the shopping trip.

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