NAF hopes the current strict renewal requirements for driver’s licenses be revised

driver's licenseOlder lady driving a car.Photo: NAF

It must be easier for elderly to keep their driver’s license even over the age of 75. Experience from other countries shows that requirements similar to those in Norway do not cause fewer accidents. It’s time to look at this special norwegian scheme.


We must choose the right measures to safeguard road safety and support us for research. Today’s order does not work after its intention. Experience from Sweden and Denmark shows that older drivers do not have a higher risk of accidents than other age groups.

In Sweden there is no requirement for health certificate. Denmark will settle its scheme this summer and NAF will conduct the same debate in Norway. To many older people, the car is key to an active daily life and social life. There are more and more older people and they are in better health and thus still good drivers, longer than before.

As it is now, there is a stereotype that older drivers are at risk in traffic. It is an unfortunate stereotype to those healthy and active elderly in our society. However, it must be emphasized that aging mobility is a neglected area, both politically and within research.

NAF wants older drivers to avoid being treated as a risk. NAF will be an active contributor to ensuring that a revision of the Norwegian system safeguards road safety and older people’s mobility.

Resolution adopted by the National Assembly of the Norwegian Automobile Association, NAF. Lillehammer, April 28, 2018.


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