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National Congress of the Christian Democrats in 2017

Krf Party Tops, Photo: KrfKrf Party Tops, Photo: Krf

The Christian Democrats (KrF) say no to regional operation of hospitals

One of the biggest debates at the National Congress of the Christian Democrats (KrF) this weekend has been about who will be responsible for the operation of hospitals.


The party voted in favour of disbanding the regional health authorities and let the Ministry of Health be responsible.

The State’s responsibility

A small majority at The National Congress says no that the new regions will assume responsibility for the hospitals.

With 89 against 84 votes, the party agreed that the responsible Minister should oversee the management of local health institutions based on guidelines issued by the Parliament.

– KrF wants more regions, but the state should play a major role, party leader Knut Arild Hareide said, who belonged to the small majority in the vote.

KrF wishes to disband the regional health authorities to achieve the goal of better political management of hospitals. They also agree to establish a national health and hospital plan and that significant changes in hospital structure will be decided through this plan.

Wants to tax child allowance

The National Congress of the Christian Democrats has decided to increase child benefit, but at the same time made it clear that they want to tax it.

The party thinks this will contribute to a fairer distribution, so that those who earn at least want to keep more than those who earn the most.

– This is one of the most targeted measures that can help those families who need the most, says Group Leader in Oslo KrF, Erik Lunde, to TV 2.

Wants to change the absence limit

KrF has also agreed that they want a statutory mentoring scheme for newly educated teachers. The party wants a maximum of 15 students per teacher for the small children and 20 pupils per teacher from 5th to 10th grade.

KrF will change the current absence limit in the upper secondary school. The party thinks the current regulations are too rigid and will open for Headmasters to use their judgment regarding with driving training

Split on Fur Industry

For the first time the Congress was divided approximately in the middle when it comes to questions regarding the Fur Industry.

– The party will make demands for fur farming that safeguards the natural needs of the animals. regulations for the keeping of fur animals must be better maintained. The control of the industry must be strengthened and repeated serious violations of regulations in terms of animal welfare must be punished with a ban on keeping fur animals.

– It is a very clear message to the industry that if things are not improved, there will be changes here too, according to Parliamentarian Leader Hans Olav Syversen.

Expensive Program

The Parliamentary Leader Hans Olav Syversen was among those who wanted to reduce the sick pay to 80 percent of normal, but the proposal did not get a majority.

Several other cost cuts were also rejected. But Syversen ensured that the congress adopted the following wording:

“The public spending should be adapted to the situation in the Norwegian economy and by the framework of action. How far we succeed in achieving the policy objectives will therefore be dependent on the economic situation in the period. ”

– The economy may be different in the years ahead. There are objectives as we state in the program, so the action room must decide how far we are come, says Syversen.

Other resolutions of the congress

Parental leave shall be extended by four weeks with full pay, additional leave by twin births and independent vesting rights for fathers.

Allocate funds in national budgets to interest-free loans for the construction of swimming facilities and upgrading of existing facilities.

A gradual increase of defence budget allocations to two percent of GDP in accordance with the obligations Norway has agreed to take on as a member of NATO.


Be open for e-election if safety is ensured.

Universal design of today’s schools and other public buildings.

Development budget should constitute at least one percent of the gross national income and eventually 1.3 percent.

Continuing the economic incentives for municipal mergers in the period 2017-2021, to ensure that municipalities that did not finish the process or have not yet conducted a voluntary process should be able to do this.

Discontinue the automatic provision of prenatal diagnosis to women over 38 years.

Require that BSU (Youth Housing Saving) is used only for the purchase of housing, so that you can’t continue this scheme when you already own housing. [A proposal to reject the entire BSU scheme was rejected.]

That minority parents who do not have adequate knowledge of Norwegian and are receiving cash payments will be offered language training, where provision is made for child care without the cash benefit being reduced.

Vinmonopolet to assume responsibility for tax-free sales at airports.

Alcohol-lock on all commercial vehicles entering the country.


Source: TV2 Norway / Norway Today