The nation’s first guide dog school turns 50 years

guide dogGuide dog.Photo:

The nation’s first guide dog school now turns 50 years and has so far delivered over 500 guide dogs for the visually impaired in Norway.

The school started at Bekkestua in 1966 and has lived in Valle street 11 in Oslo since 1973.

It was the Lions club Eiksmarka and Oslo / Slemdal’s employee Tor Sannum who was manager in 1966. He along with his wife Inger-Lise Sannum ran the school together as instructors for 50 years.

Other school staff include: Anne Østlid, Trine Tørrissen, Yasuno Kurata and Phillip Sannum.

The school is managed by a board consisting of Lions members, as well as a user representative.

Although the school is subsidized by NAV, contributions from Lions clubs are necessary for its survival.

The school is well recognized both nationally and internationally and has been behind many schemes which have been established by public approval bodies.


Source: Norway Today