NATO chief: Everything points to a full-scale Russian attack on Ukraine

Jens StoltenbergPhoto: AP Photo / Michael Probst

NATO expects that the Russian army will launch a full-scale attack on Ukraine, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said on Saturday night.

Stoltenberg, who is attending the big security conference in Munich this weekend, told the German TV station ARD that all indications point to Russia planning a major attack.

“We all agree that the risk of an attack is great,” he said, adding that the Russian build-up of military forces continues.

“No soldiers have been withdrawn, despite what Russia says. On the contrary, more soldiers are being sent to the areas,” Stoltenberg warned.

He emphasized that he hoped for a political solution to the conflict.

“We want Russia to change course and sit down with us (for talks),” he told ARD.

Source : © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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1 Comment on "NATO chief: Everything points to a full-scale Russian attack on Ukraine"

  1. The obvious political solution is to give the Russians the fair and comprehensive Monroe Doctrine type peace and security treaty they need and we *owe* them after breaking our promises not to move NATO east toward them and then our Budapest peace agreement breaking 2014 Kiev coup, threatening them with the possibility/probability of “interventionist”/aggressive NATO all the way up to Shostka and Kharkov at their throats.
    But NO. With our patented double standards thinking ourselves – with less than no justification after our neocon Iraq, Libya, etc. holocaust wars – morally superior, we won’t fairly negotiate, so the Russians are left with no option BUT to invade/take all Ukraine to end the war.

    It appears the Russians’ CTSO allies are willing – if not eager, in the Belarusans’ and Kazakhs’ case, after the regime-change attempts in/on them – to intervene in East Ukraine. Panfilov’s 316th Rifle Division which fought the Nazis to its own destruction at Volokolamsk for the defense of Moscow in 1941 was Kazakh.

    And Ukraine Pres. Zelensky has basically doomed his country talking about cancelling the Budapest understanding entirely – we the West already cancelled the non-intervention component of it with our coup – meaning Ukraine getting a nuclear deterrent, which the Russians are not *about* to risk … so there *will* be a Russian invasion.

    And if any other country gives the Ukrainians nuclear weapons, it will be a nuclear war and that “generous” country will be targeted as well.

    Meanwhile, NUPI’s Russia expert Julie Wilhelmsen and Jakob Gozmierski are speculating about a general NATO vs. Russia war breaking out and Norway getting sucked into it.
    But NATO has no Article 5 Ukraine-membership collective defense justification, and the U.S. Senate’s resolution tells Biden not to get us involved militarily. But will he respect/obey that?
    Doubtful. Again, I think he’s playing for a war-emergency Democrat dictatorship, he and his neocon prodigies foolishly thinking it will be a “limited” nuclear war, just in Ukraine and maybe the North – here.
    But the Russians are right now holding nuclear war drills … for *their* people.

    And if we do go to war against Russia whether or not NATO does, so will our American bases in Norway, including any of our nuclear missile subs in Norwegian fjords/waters.


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