Nav-boss positive to increasing retirement age to 63 years

NAV office, where unemployed and job seekers goes for support.NAV. Photo: Norway Today Media

If the retirement age is increased to 63, it will result in a socio-economic gain of NOK 40 billion. Section manager, Ole Christian Lien in Nav is positive about the proposal.

‘’It is quite obvious that if we had increased the lower age limit for retirement pension from 62 to 63 years, many more would have worked longer’’ said Ole Christian Lien of Nav to

The calculations have been made by the company, Ny Analyse, which believes that nearly 70,000 more working years will be implemented by such a scheme.

The pension reform introduced in 2011 has led many seniors to work longer just as the authorities had calculated

The fact that the seniors postpone their retirement date is thus fully in line with what the authorities want. With better health and more years of life, many people also want to work longer.

However, senior researcher at Statistics Norway (SSB), Nils Martin Stølen, is somewhat more sceptical.

‘’More 62-year-olds will have old and sick parents. If the parents are on the verge of being sent to an institution, it costs society a lot’’ he said.

Stølen believes that employers will be sceptical about keeping people who fail to keep up productivity because of their age and that it could make it more difficult for seniors to get a job.

He believes that the authorities must think carefully before they do anything about the age limits.

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