NAV leaders risk action for inappropriate searches on staff colleagues

NAV Social security fraud, NAV Rule labour marketNAV.Photo: Norway Today Media

NAV in Aust-Agder has revealed that four current, and former executives, have delved into sensitive personal information about colleagues at the agency. This was confirmed by NAV’s Director, Hilde Høynes, in Aust-Agder to Agderposten newspaper.


She stated that it involved two department heads, and one leader. The three had done 47, 36, and 24 illegal internet searches on colleagues, respectively.

It was also discovered that a fourth leader had made illegal searches on colleagues, but he no longer works for NAV.

The Director of NAV said one case had already concluded. The person had been given disciplinary measure. These implied loss of seniority from one month to up to two years, and / or permanent or temporary relocation to another position.

According to Høynes, the other two cases are still being investigated. If the agency concludes its Investigation with the heaviest penalty, the two worst-cases may face dismissal.

‘It’s serious when inappropriate searches occur. It is very important for us that all users, and employees, should be confident that we process information in an appropriate way,’ said Høynes.

Agderposten newspaper understands that the affected employees had requested access to logs even after being suspected of the offences. The logs were then reviewed, and the snooping was revealed.


NTB Scanpix / Norway Today