Nav has reported unemployment benefit fraud for 41 million kroner

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Nav has reported 478 people for national insurance fraud between January and April this year. Most of the people reported for were reported for fraud of unemployment benefits.

283 people have been reported for having defrauded unemployment benefits for a total of NOK 41.3 million. This means that unemployment benefit frauds are at the top of the  statistics of fraud cases. The total extent of the money lost by Nav from fraud  amounts to almost 100 million kroner  total.
– Those who supply information to Nav that is incorrect should be aware that our controls have been improved and more targeted. There is great risk involved in defrauding national insurance contribution,  Labor and Welfare Director Vågeng said.
316 people have been reported for having worked more than what they have reported to Nav, which meant that they  were paid more in national insurance than they were entitled to. So far in 2016, the money lost by Nav this way amounts to NOK 50.7 million.
More people than previously have been reported for  sick pay fraud. 68 people were in the first four months Reported for having defrauded Nav of NOK 14.8 million in total this way.Out of these 68 individuals have reported for being accomplices to the fraud.
So far this year Nav has reported 46 persons for labor market crime. The most extensive and serious of these cases involve national insurance fraud for an amount in excess of 1.7 million.The person in question has reportedly evaded tax and run a business while he was receiving sick pay and work assessment allowance.


Source: NTB Scanpix / Norway Today


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  1. Responsible | 31. January 2018 at 12:18 |


    Very bad, people should work and not plan fraud with tax payers money, i know a person who is doing same, fraud with NAV by showing bankruptcy and sick (and having vacation in Spain).
    How can we report such people ? Please advice.

  2. Anthony dunne | 12. December 2018 at 21:55 |

    I live in a house where the Norwegian guy is on benefits from Norway we live in London he is drunk every night going to the gym who is paying for this.

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