Nazi banners hung aloft in Kristiansand

PolicePolice.Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

Three people were arrested after they hung up flyers,banners and anti-immigration messages in Kristiansand.


The police were told by several witnesses about the incidents early on Monday morning.

“Several banners with nazi symbols were hung up, including in Sørlandsparken. In addition, a number of flyers with right-wing extremist and anti-foreigner arguments were hung at a number of bus stops, said operations manager, Linn Andresen of Agder police district to NTB news.

A swastika flag was hung outside the Peace and Human Rights Center in Kristiansand. Andresen said that the banner at Sørlandsparken was approximately three meters long.

“The police caught three people who were in possession of some equipment, and were arrested under the Criminal Code’s provisions on hate speech,” said the operation manager.

The three will now be charged. The police could not say on Monday morning if any of the three have had contact with the police earlier.

“We are now working to clean up where there are still leaflets hanging,” said Linn Andresen.


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