Nearly 300 forest fires so far this year

forest firesIllustration.Forest fires.Photo: Tor Aage Hansen / NTB scanpix

There have already been 296 forest fires this year,almost as many as last year. At the same time, forest fires are at the highest level in several places.


The Directorate for Community Preparedness and Security (DSB) has registered 754 grass fires and 296 forest fires this year, against 773 and 301 respectively for the whole of last year, according to Dagsavisen newspaper.

“I do not remember so many before,” said Hans Christian Madsen, acting department chief for fire and rescue.

At the same time, the unusual drought period of Østafjell continues.Although the meteorologists report that some rain showers may occur this weekend, the forest fire hazard will not diminish.

At 86 measuring stations across the country, there is a warning about a ‘very large’ or ‘large’ fire hazard on Wednesday, reported the newspaper. There were 37 reports “very big” alerts, and 49 alerts for ”big” fires.

Due to the high number of forest fires since May, the government suggested approximately two weeks ago to allocate another NOK 12.5 million for the extinguishing of forest fires in 2018.


© NTB scanpix / #Norway Today