Nearly 5,000 returned from Norway in 2018

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Nearly 5,000 foreigners were deported from Norway this year

Norwegian police have deported 4,722 foreigners in the first 11 months of the year. This is 6 per cent fewer than at the same time last year.


A total of 133 out of 429 people who were sentenced in November were subjected to one or more criminal proceedings following an offence in Norway, the Police Immigration Unit (PU), which has national responsibility for the forced expulsion of persons without legal residence, states.

Of the penalties who have been transported so far this year, most were from Poland (16 per cent), Romania (14 per cent) and Lithuania (9 per cent).

Nearly eight out of ten expatriates (3,762 people) are either expelled or deported. 520 had been rejected form asylum applications and 440 were sent by the Dublin rules or to a safe third country. About one-third of the emigrants deported this year was due to criminal prosecutions in Norway.

Those deported by Norwegian police this year belong to 138 different nationalities and have been transported to a total of 128 countries. The country they deported to may not necessarily be their home country.

Sweden tops the list of countries the deportees were sent to with 512 people. Then Italy follows with 394, Poland with 333, Romania with 267 and Russia with 261 people.

Poland and Russia are at the top of the statistics of the citizenship of the emigration with 284 citizens each. Ukraine is in third place with 278 emigrants, followed by Albania with 272 and Romania by 266.

Individuals with citizenship from these five countries alone account for almost one-third of the forced deportations so far this year.


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