Nearly half of the population has read fake news about the Coronavirus

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Nearly half the population has read fake news about the Coronavirus outbreak, according to a study. The Media Authority asks people to be skeptical and to check the source.

The investigation was carried out by Kantar on behalf of the Norwegian Media Authority, during the first week with the national Coronavirus measures.

– “There is a huge need for information during such a crisis, but unfortunately not all the information is to be trusted. That is why it is important to check the sources, go to official websites and read editor-controlled media,” says Director Mari Velsand of the Norwegian Media Authority.

45 percent say they have seen fake news about the Coronavirus outbreak, while 55 percent say they have not or are not sure. Four out of ten say they support the fake news through social media.

The proportion that has seen fake news is highest among the group under 45 with a high education, and this is a slightly higher proportion in Oslo and the surrounding area than in other areas.

The Media Authority says that there are probably several people who have seen fake news, they just have not discovered that the case was not true.

– “Our advice is that people should be skeptical of catchy headlines, and check the source if the case seems too unbelievable. It is also wise to investigate whether the case has been published in several places,” advises Velsand.

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