A nearly three meters long alligator found in a flooded Texas home

alligatorAn alligator moves along flood waters from the Guadalupe River spilling over Texas Highway 35, Friday, Sept. 1, 2017, near Tivoli, Texas. The river carries water left by Hurricane Harvey. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

An unwelcome guest was found in a home in Texas that has been flooded by Harvey: A 2.74-meter long alligator.


According to police, they were notified of an intruder in a residence near Lake Houston on Friday, and discovered when they came to the place that it was a difficult alligator, writes ABC.


According to the TV pictures, several police officers were needed to remove the 2.74 meter long animal, They carried out of the house and placed in a car that would drive it back to its natural habitat.


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