Nearly two out of three immigrants in work

At workAt work

Two out of three immigrants, 65%, were employed in the fourth quarter last year. Among the population of the same age, the percentage was 77.7%.


Among immigrants from the Nordic countries, the percentage of employed persons was 79.3%. For people from the EEA countries, both in the west and the east, the percentage was just under 74%.

Immigrants from Asia have an employment rate of 56.1%, while immigrants from Africa are 48.6% employed.

These figures were shown recently by Statistics Norway (SSB),who measure employment among the age group 20 to 66 years. Previously, Statistics Norway had used the age range 15 to 74 years.

Among immigrants in total, men had an employment rate of 68.6%,and women 61%, a difference of 7.6%. The corresponding difference in the population as a whole was 3.1%, men: 79.2%, and women: 76.1%.

Gender disparities are greatest among immigrants from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia and Turkey. Immigrants from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iran, Myanmar and Serbia, for example, have gender differences approximately the same as the indigenous population.

As ’employed’, Statistics Norway calculates into the reckoning, ‘’persons who paid income tax of at least one hour’’ during the week being measured. People who are ill-defined, laid off, and in first-time employment are also considered to be employed. The figures do not say anything about the distribution of full-time and part-time work.


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