Neighborhood goes to war against brown slugs

brown snailSundvollen. Brown snail.Photo: Torstein Bøe / NTB scanpix

Hoping to reduce  the population of  brown slugs sharply  neighbors in Ringerike and Hole yesterday banded together in the fight against the little slimy creatures.

Many believe that they have now found a method to remove the slugs.
The head of Gardening company in Ringerike and Hole, Day Imsgard,is hoping to reduce the population by two-thirds.
A method called the “Konnerud method ‘, after the place where it was first tried out, will now be tested in the two municipalities.

The method involves mixing Mask, which consist of boiled corn and yeast liquid, both of which are remnants of brewing, which is then mixed with Nemaslug. The smell of old filling and drunkenness attracts slugs, and after they have eaten their fill, they are poisoned by the Nemaslug.
– Nemaslugen attack snails in the way that they stop eating,  Imsgard says. Since brown slugs are cannibals, anyone who then eat their dead comrades will also be infected.  It is hoped that they will destroy themselves this way,  Imsgard says.

The gang, which has gathered at a gravel pit in Hole to mix the “poison”, has hired an cement car to easily mix large quantities and  transport it to the garden owners in Ringerike and Hole.
– It is important that the whole neighborhood takes part in this, if not, then it will not work,  Imsgard says. Because of this, the mixture is free for the garden owners who are to use it.
The garden owner Bente Grande at Sundvollen says she has not seen a slug in her garden after she used the agent  for the first time. With the second round she hopes to poison those who were to remain.
– You roll small balls the size of a snowball and put them down all around the garden with about 20 meter intervals. Snails do not like  sunshine, so if you find a little damp place in the shade, it is perfect, says the garden owner who has grown tired of slugs.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today