Neighboring municipality warns inhabitants: “Avoid all contact with Nordre Follo”

Truls WickholmPhoto: Vidar Ruud / NTB

Nesodden Mayor Truls Wickholm asked the municipality’s inhabitants to avoid all contact with Nordre Follo, after an outbreak of the mutated coronavirus had been confirmed in the municipality.

“Nordre Follo is now completely closed off until Wednesday. At the press conference, they asked their own residents to stay at home and not have contact with others until then. This means that we now ask all residents of Nesodden to also stay in their own municipality as much as possible,” Wickholm wrote in an SMS to news bureau NTB.

He asked all the inhabitants of Nesodden to avoid all contact with residents from Nordre Follo.

“You should not visit there or get a visit from there. This also applies to your own family,” Wickholm added.

“Avoid all contact with Follo”

Together with the political leaders of other neighboring municipalities – including Oslo, Ås, and Frogn – the Nesodden Mayor will participate in a meeting with the FHI and the Norwegian Directorate of Health at 1:30 PM on Friday.

Assistant health director Espen Rostrup Nakstad has told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) that the capital could also be affected by the outbreak.

According to Wickholm, a new assessment will be made after the meeting.

“But so far, we can say this clearly: Avoid all contact with Nordre Follo, as they have asked for,” he noted.

Crisis management meetings in Ås and Frogn

Ås is now also considering what to do after the mutated coronavirus outbreak in the neighboring municipality.

There will then be a meeting of the municipality’s crisis management team at 2:30 PM.

Frogn municipality’s crisis management team is also considering additional measures in consultation with the FHI and the authorities. 

“We immediately encourage people to take extra caution when leaving our municipality and in particular between the municipalities in the region. The FHI encourages people in the Follo region to stay at home and avoid visits,” Mayor Hans Kristian Raanaas noted in an email to NTB.

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