Net abuse case ahead of schedule

Gunhild Lærum net abuse man LillestrømDefence Lawyer, Gunhild Lærum, during the trial against a former football referee. The man is charged with more than 450 cases of net abuse in what is known as Norway's largest of its kind. Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix

Largest ever net abuse case in Norway ahead of schedule

The trial, in which a man in his mid-twenties is prosecuted for net abuse of nearly 500 young boys, is moving along much faster than expected. It is the largest of its kind in Norwegian history.

The 26-years-old man managed to con hundreds of young boys into sending him films of sexual acts they were performing. The former football referee achieved this by pretending to be a girl named Sandra. The case has been referred to as the largest abuse case in Norwegian history by the police. It concerns more than 450 aggrieved boys.

The trial ensued in Nedre Romerike District Court on January 29th. The net abuse case was originally scheduled to last until the end of September.

Nedre Romerike District Court now informs that the case will be judged as early as the beginning of May. The prosecutor’s closing statement will be heard on May 2nd and 3rd.

The accused man acknowledged virtually all the charges of the 81-page long indictment already at the start of the trial in January.

“When I look back at myself and who I was then, I see an extremely manipulative person. I used every possible means to achieve what I wanted. I was quite an unsavoury person,” the man stated when he explained himself before the District Court at Lillestrøm.

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