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New ‘Airport Express’ trains in place in Norway

Photo: Tore Meek / NTB scanpix


Flytoget (Airport Express) showed its new train on Tuesday.A total of eight new trains, built in Spain,will be put into operation to and from Oslo Airport in addition to the existing 16.

Flytoget signed a contract with the Spanish train manufacturer, CAF, for the delivery of the trains (in 2015). This gives Flytoget a total of 24 trains, and increases capacity by 50%. Otherwise, CAF will also deliver new trams to Oslo.

Flytogen’s chief executive officer,Philipp Engedal, said the new train is built on the same design as the previous train, but also has less noise, wider seats, power outlets,USB access, cup holders at all chairs and improved luggage space.

‘’The trains will also be the first in Norway where one will be able to see in which carriage there are most vacant seats before entering’’ said Engedal.

The airport express trains are approved for maximum speed,which is 245 kilometres per hour,and are tested at speeds of up to 270 kilometres per hour.Currently, they are only allowed to travel at 210 kilometres per hour to and from Oslo Airport.

In the coming year,the new trains will be tested on Norwegian rails,and the necessary training will be carried out before they are put into operation at the beginning of next year.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today


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