New app allows you to check Norwegian animal and flower species

Ullensvang, Hardanger.Fruit flowering at Sørfjorden.Ullensvang, Hardanger.Fruit flowering at Sørfjorden.Photo: Jan Dahl, NTB arkiv

Now you can use your mobile phone to check what kind of animal or flower you have found. A new Norwegian mobile app will give you an answer.

The app Artsorakelet has been developed by Artsdatabanken. The user can check the flower or animal species by searching with a picture, the Species Data Bank states in a press release.

The app is specialized in Norwegian nature and has a photo library of 1.1 million photos.

– “Everyone can use the Species Oracle and share their findings with Species Observations. In this way, one contributes to research and management of biodiversity in this country. At the same time, the Arts Oracle gets even more pictures to train on,” says section leader in the Arts Data Bank, Ingrid Ertshus Mathisen.

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