New book claims police believe Norwegian billionaire Tom Hagen ordered the murder of his wife

Tom HagenPhoto: Torbjørn Olsen GD / NTB

The police believe that helpers carried out the murder of Anne-Elisabeth Hagen on behalf of her husband Tom Hagen, two journalists write in a new book.

In a book about the investigation into Anne-Elisabeth Hagen’s disappearance at Lørenskog, TV 2 journalists Magnus Braaten and Kenneth Fossheim write about the police’s position on the role of Tom Hagen in the case.

In a new book to be published by Gyldendal – one of the largest Norwegian publishing houses – in May, the authors write that the police believe Tom Hagen most likely ordered the murder of his wife.

While Tom Hagen himself was at work on October 31, 2018, one or more helpers may have committed the crime, the book says.

After Anne-Elisabeth Hagen went missing, the police believe that Tom Hagen himself was involved in washing, cleaning, and rigging the crime scene after returning home from work, the authors write.

Tom Hagen returned home at 1:30 PM that day after not getting hold of Anne-Elisabeth Hagen.

No comments from the police

At 2:08 PM, he called the police and told them that his spouse was gone and that he had found a ransom letter on a chair in the hallway.

The Eastern Police District has not commented on the information in the book. Hagen’s lawyer Svein Holden reacted to the information and told TV 2 that there is not a shred of evidence in the investigation documents that Tom Hagen was an accomplice in the case.

“He thus has no role in the case beyond being a witness,” Holden said.

The police have charged Tom Hagen with murder or complicity in murder and have not dropped the charge even though the Supreme Court upheld the Eidsivating Court of Appeal’s ruling to release the 70-year-old from custody in May last year because the grounds for suspicion were too weak.

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