New figures: 100 Norwegian municipalities registered imported corona cases from Poland

GardermoenPhoto: Terje Pedersen / NTB

In the last two months, coronavirus has been detected on 344 flights to Norway, many of which have come from Poland. 

A total of 100 Norwegian municipalities have so far registered imported infection cases from the country.

Just last week, the National Institute of Public Health (FHI) had to implement infection tracking related to 64 flights, several of which came from Poland, according to newspaper Aftenposten.

“We mainly see the infection in connection with travel from abroad, where a significant proportion has come from Poland – especially in the last two or three weeks,” the FHI stated in a recent report. 

Very few were infected on the various aircraft, but the imported infection has led to outbreaks in many municipalities around the country. 

Imported infection

Last week, cases of infection were discovered in 50 different municipalities, all of which could be traced back to flights from Poland. 

In total, infection from Poland has been registered in 100 municipalities.

“Every day, planes land with very high infection. At Gardermoen, seven planes from Poland landed just today,” Oslo City Council chief Raymond Johansen (AP) said on Monday.

Johansen pointed out that Norway has taken a much more liberal line than many other countries.

“Many go straight to work. Many work in companies where none of the employees speak Norwegian. There is no reason to believe that compliance with the rules is particularly good,” he concluded.

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