New forecast: Only 3,550 asylum seekers will be expected to arrive in a year

asylum seekers sent outAsylum seekers.Photo:

The government now believe that there will be a maximum of 3,550 asylum seekers coming to Norway this year. The prognosis is lowered substantially during half a year.

If the updated forecast is correct according to the Ministry of Justice, it means that since 1997 there have not been this few number of asylum seekers coming to Norway. In connection with the revised national budget in May the estimate was set at around 25,000 asylum arrivals annually.

Now the estimate of 3.550 asylum arrivals: 3.300 “ordinary” asylum seekers plus 250 asylum seekers through the EU repositioning program.

For unaccompanied minor asylum seekers, forecast is reduced from 4,000 to 400 people.
So far this year, with two and a half months left to the year end, there have been about 2,660 asylum seekers coming to Norway.

If the forecast is correct, it will be the lowest number of asylum seekers since 1997, when Norway got 2,271 asylum seekers.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today