New court session for British cake thrower

Oslo Pride Parade Saturday 25 June.Oslo.Children and equality minister Solveig Horne gets a pie in the face.Oslo Pride Parade Saturday 25 June.Photo : Erik Fosheim Brandsborg / NTB scanpix

The 22-year-old British woman who are in custody for throwing a cake on Equality Minister Solveig Horne (FRP), must appear in court again on Thursday.

Horne got a shaving cream cake in the face during the Oslo Pride Parade on Saturday 25 June. On Monday, 27 June, the 22-year-old was placed in custody for four weeks, but according to the ruling, the jury plans to make its verdict as early as July 7 in Oslo District Court.
– On the basis of the presumed sentenced level, the court concludes that the  up to four weeks of imprisonment which the prosecutor orignally asked for, will not be a disproportionate measure,  Judge Per Kaare Nerdrum said when reading from the ruling.
The Cake thrower accepted the District Court’s ruling on the spot after a brief consultation with her lawyer, Kaja de Vibe Malling. According to a custodian, she has not pleaded guilty to the act that she is accused of committing.
Shave Cream Cake
Nerdrum points out in the ruling that it does not change the risk assessment that the object that was thrown was a shaving cream cake and points out that acid attacks are not unknown in Norwegian criminal jurisprudence.
– If it is important to throw cream cakes on others, you have to choose other victims than the king, government officials, members of the parliament or the Supreme Court members, it says.
“The choice of cream cake – or shaving cream cake – as a throwing object, otherwise most commonly witnessed at the circus or markets and which because of this can appear humorous at first glance, does not change the risk assessment,”  Nerdrum writes.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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