New heat record in four counties

OsloRecord warm in southern Norway.Photo: Berit Roald / NTB scanpix

Hordaland, Rogaland, Vestfold and Østfold set new heat records on Friday, all with temperatures above 34 degrees. In Akershus, a new record was set for the month of July.


The Meteorological Institute announced on Twitter at 18.30 that the temperature peak was reached as the warmest day of the year. Thus, there was no new,national heat record Friday.

The warmest temperature on Friday was 34.6 degrees,measured at Blindern in Oslo at 17.30. The Norwegian record of 35.6 degrees was set in Nesbyen in Buskerud in 1970.

Multiple county records

Lysebotn in Rogaland set a new county record on Friday of 34.2 degrees at 15.30, but just over two hours later,the county record was overturned at Våland observation station in Stavanger, measured at 34.4 degrees there.

There was also a new heat record in Østfold of 34.5 degrees.

The temperature was measured in Rygge, which also held the old record from 1982 of 34.2 degrees.

Vestfold took a new heat record of 34.1 degrees on Nøtterøy just before 4.30 pm, and at approximately 15.45 a new heat record was also reported at Etne in Hordaland of 34.4 degrees.

In Minnesund, Akershus, a new temperature record was set for July of 34.4 degrees.

The highest temperatures were anticipated between 16.00 and 18.00, according to State Meteorologist Eldbjørg Moxnes.

Preparedness at the pulpit (Preikestolen)

At Preikestolen, not far from Lysebotn, Norwegian People’s Aid had taken account of the fact that some of the tourists feint in the heat, said Stavanger Aftenblad newspaper.

“We bring as much water as possible and set up roughly at the middle of the trail, between Neverdalsskaret and the security hut at Tjødnane,” said Operations Manager, Thor Egil Siem of Norwegian People’s Aid for Strand and Forsand.

The foundation of the Preikestolen had hired the help crews.Aftenbladet newspaper reported that most tourists were wearing shorts and a t-shirt, but that someone was “dressed for a heavy autumn storm”.

Nesbyen took the overall record

The highest recorded temperature in Norway ever of 35.6 degrees was set in Nesbyen in Buskerud on June 20, 1970. The record had long been in Oslo, which reached 35 degrees on June 21, 1901.

The warmest day of the year before Friday was recorded in Nedre Eggedal in Buskerud, which had 33.8 degrees on the 26th of June.The place also had the warmest day in 2017, at 31.8 degrees.

Palm festooned

In many places it is also naturally hot in the water. For example,Øyungen in Eidskog in Hedmark recorded 27 degrees at 11.00 on Friday, Yr newspaper wrote.

A tropical night was awaited along large parts of the coast, reported the Meteorological Institute.This means that the temperature does not fall below 20 degrees. The Haugesund area probably got one night at 25 degrees as the lowest recorded temperature.


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