Weather records in Tromsø & Kristiansand

TromsøTromsø.Photo: Marianne Løvland / NTB scanpix

New heat record in Tromsø, rain in Kristiansand

On Monday afternoon, 20.4 degrees centigrade was measured at the Meteorological Institute in Tromsø. This is the highest temperature ever measured in the city so late in the year.


The record temperature was measured at 2 pm,  the Meteorological Institute writes on Twitter.

According to the meteorologists, 21 years ago, Tromsø had a summers day as late as September. A Summers Day is a day where the highest temperature is 20 degrees Celsius or above.

Torrential rain provided four records in Kristiansand

Four official Norwegian records of intense rainfall were set during the rainfall over Southern Norway on Friday.

A number of unofficial records, measured at private weather stations, were set as well, according to VG.

According to the newspaper, The official measuring station – Duekniben – just west of the centre of Kristiansand, broke several Norwegian records with respect to intense precipitation. The records apply to rainfall during two, three, four and six hours respectively.

A private measuring station in the same area has recorded even larger amounts with the same time parameters.

– It is just crazy, Meteorologist Bjart Eriksen tells the newspaper.

– The private meter in Hannevikåsen in Kristiansand has measured 132.1 mm rainfall in three hours. It is extreme considering that the overall Norwegian record for 24 hours is 229.6 mm, which was set in Matre in Hordaland in 1940, the meteorologist continues.

The new official records from the Duekniben measuring station in Kristiansand are 101.1 mm in two hours, 122.0 mm in three hours and 134.7 mm in six hours.


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