New system for estimating altitudes introduced in Norway

New height system introduced in NorwayNature in Norway. Photo Norway Today media

Norway has got a new and more accurate system for estimating altitudes. This means that every town, village and mountain top will have altitudes recorded that match better with the terrain.
The country has risen most on the Swedish border. Trysil has “gained” 30 centimeters , the newspaper Aftenposten writes.
– The measuring methods we have today are better than those we had 25 to 30 years ago. Because of this we have now  made some adjustments to the official altitudes, Per Christian Bratheim, head of one of the sections in  the Mapping Authority, explains.
Far south of Norway is now adjusted height most down. Lista has been 12 centimeters lower.
The new system replaces the system for measuring altitudes for cities, towns and villigages that was introduced in 1954. Since then a lot has happened. The land has changed and so has the sea level. The requirements for precise positioning have also become stricter.
– For the ordinary hiker this is not very important, but for some professional groups it has great significance. This includes people working in construction, water and sewage and other industries where precise positioning is important, Bratheim says.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today